Echoes - Voices from Belarus

Echoes - Voices from Belarus are short artistic statements on the current situation in Belarus. They are created by Belarusian artists and activists in collaboration with music artists from numerous countries and are intended to give the Belarusian drama a continuously growing international echo over the course of the next months.

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As soon as in my anxious heart I hear Fear for my native country (...)

Magutny Bozha (O God Almighty) has become the unofficial anthem of protest (...)

Video footage of the artist filming through the glass in the door of her children's room (...)

"Alexander wrote to me about about the sensation of being unable to work (...)

How to be together without losing yourself? Do I need to shout louder to be heard?

"I met the great personality Maria Kalesnikava in Stuttgart (...) "

These words, the speech the pulse of the crowd. I felt a mantra of sorts, a calling for a new day. (...)

Each moment of each day we are saturated with information. News. News about news. (...)