Giesen / Sarokin: умножение


«Умножение» is a 256-track sound file which is based on Sample Pack «Мы Окружили ОМОН» (We surrounded the riot police!) with field recordings of protesters in Minsk. Each voice-loop in the Sample Pack is taken from the recorded videos of rallies that enveloped the country following the fraudulent presidential election in August, 2020.
The protesters’ chants that formed into slogans are looped, highlighting the importance of these collective refrains that create a sense of trust and fearlessness. The voice emerged from silence in the new revolutionary times, resonates into spontaneously formulated demands, accentuates collectivity and structures the field of struggle.
The 16 slogans contained in Sample Pack are multiplied digitally 16 times, the playback tempo and volume curve changes individually in every instance, so you end up with 256 individual tracks, accumulating to a massive wall of sound.
The loop sizes also change individually and gradually over time and in the end become so small, that instead of people shouting, you hear a single chord consisting of 256 different notes. The 256 tracks are mixed down to a 16-channel binaural version, headphones are necessary for the best listening experience.

sound and music: Malte Giesen and Anton Sarokin