Shabohin / Ogiermann: Superideology


SHABOHIN: part 7 keywords

State, Ideology: Development of the Ideology

Organism: Brain. Central Nervous System

City: Education System. Science

Process: Conceptualization

Selected items: Blue Eye (Gas disc). Tool of Ideology (Empty Flagpole). The grate on the window in the form of the sun. Workshop control panel. Nib. Dividers. TV remote. Ulysses book. Two fists like a brain. Masonic symbol of the all-seeing eye

The slogan on the flag: Depends on the Route

Ulysses (chapter number): 9

Mythology: Scylla and Charybdis

Document / note: Don't Break Out of a Well-Grooved Rut

Symbol: Horizontal mandorla

OGIERMANN: about the musical work on: Practice of Subordination

From the email conversation with Sergey Shabohin:

Dear Sergey, no. 7:
This time, I didn´t react on the soundfiles of Youtube, because I thought: in the musical context of the cycle it would be a little to much MARCHES!, I did a piece that refers more to the nervous system of a subject. The electronic outbursts are initiated by very short reminiscences to the first 6 pieces, in which the formation of the subordinate subject comes to a kind of end. The subject tries to stay or become apathic and numb by singing and the low tone, that should deafen the conscience. At the end it nearly works: the last cry has nearly no consequences in the "nervous system"....
have a good day

Hej Sergey, No7: Glass to the wall, there is someone doing things and next door there is a guy, who puts a glass to the wall, to spy on him....than the situation turns around...who is listening to whom?


Artist: Sergey Shabohin (Belarus/Poland)
Composer: Christoph Ogiermann (Germany)

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