Pcholka&Hramovich / Davis: 1990


1990 is the second of two videos from Lesia Pcholka and Uladzimir Hramovich, the first being Scratches. They form a kind of diptych. One erases, the other restores. As Uladzimir described, the video 1990 was done like this:
we walked through the old village and at a crossroads near overgrown roads we saw a monument. It looked exactly like a tombstone, but with this inscription “1990. Jesus Christ save us from nuclear war. " it was the last year of the existence of the USSR, and the people of the video were afraid of everything that would be the apocalypse. And we thought that it was necessary to restore the inscription, because now people feel something similar. A mixture of faith and anticipation of the end.

video: Lesia Pcholka and Uladzimir Hramovich
music: Gareth Davis
video effects: Karel Doing